2nd Annual Leadership Symposium & EM: High Risk – Do Not Miss

COACEP was thrilled to host its second annual Leadership Symposium at the Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek on November 2nd. The incredible speakers are inspirational leaders in our field sharing their experience and insight as we all grow in leadership in medicine.

Kicking off the event was Dr. Steve Quach tackling the difficult topic of “Running Towards Discomfort Developing Leadership Versatility.” Ted Lasso got a shout out during his lecture as Ted’s wise advice that “Taking on a challenge is a lot like riding a horse, isn’t it? If you are comfortable doing it, you’re probably doing it wrong.” This mimics the discomfort of growing into a competent leader, and Dr. Quash gave us the insight how to grow effectively into this role.

Dr. Christopher Kang, immediate past president for ACEP, then led a dynamic discussion of “Creating a Positive Work Culture: Managing Bad Players in a Group/Organization.” He highlighted the key principles of effective leadership which include shared values, mutual respect, reliability, reciprocated trust, and clear communication.

Dr. Jason Adler, Dr. Jasmeet Dhaliwal, and Dr. Laura Wooster led us through discussions on Basics in Billing, Reimbursement Trends, and Advice on how to build legislative relationships to fight insurance companies and large heath systems as we advocate for fair pay for the essential care we provide.

Finally, Dr. Aisha Terry, current president of ACEP, spoke with us about “Leadership Development” and how to create leadership pipelines to improve diversity and support the development of effective leaders in our specialty.

On November 3rd, COACEP hosted our 2nd annual High Risk, Do Not Miss CME event with dynamic, energetic, and informative lectures.

Dr. Patrick Joynt and Dr. Avery MacKenzie led the Pediatric Updates for our conference with engaging lectures updating us on the treatment for pediatric seizures, pediatric sepsis, and management of the crashing neonate.

Dr. Morgan Pinkston took us through the management of thyroid emergencies and Dr. W. Gannon Sungar guided us through stabilization of the Drowning Victim.

Finally, Dr. Sabrina Kaplan updated us on Drugs of Abuse today, with passionately presented update on the substances that are impacting our patients.

The afternoon featured hands-on ultrasound training led by Dr. Matthew Riscinti accompanied by Drs. Milgrim, Hurley, Brown, Tucker, and Heffler. The faculty covered nerve blocks, ultrasound guidance for procedures, and RUSH (Rapid Ultrasound for Shock and Hypotension). We used human models to practice our skills as we look for more effective methods to relief pain.

It was an inspiring two days of events. Thank you to everyone who joined us in learning and teaching. Hope to see you all next year!