Allison Trop, MD


Anna Engeln, MD


Rebecca L Kornas, MD, FACEP


Ramnik Dhaliwal, MD, JD
Immediate Past President

Board of Directors:

Sabrina A Adams, MD
Jasmeet Singh Dhaliwal, MD, MPH, MBA
Alexis Garza, MD, FACEP
Evan Gerber, MD
Laura Edgerley-Gibb, MD
William Hilty, MD
Mark Hinton, MD
Rachelle Klammer, MD, FACEP
Matthew Mendes, MD
Jacob Nacht, MD
Neal O’Connor, MD, FACEP
Bradley Shy, MD, FACEP

Chapter Committees (Chair):

Education: Anna Engeln, MD, FACEP
Finance, Scope of Practice/Young Physicians/Workforce: Rebecca L Kornas, MD, FACEP
Legislative: Allison Marie Trop, MD, FACEP and Ramnik S Dhaliwal, MD, JD

State Legislative Liaisons

Suzanne Hamilton and Dan Jablan

Executive Director

Suzanne Hamilton